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5 reasons why Family Luxury Travel to Mexico is a must

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

So there it is, you decided to take a well deserved family vacation and as parents we have this sense of wanting to relax but also I have to think of activities for those little humans that never seem to want to join me in the relaxation zone.

I am here to tell you that you can have it all, and best of all, most of it will be done for you.

So below I am going to highlight 5 advantages of all inclusive Family travel in Mexico.

We recently travelled to Cancun and stayed at The Grand Moon Palace. This was our first luxury family travel experience in Mexico. And it definitely did not disappoint.

Safety Measures:

Considering that we are still in a pandemic. Safety is always a concern when we travel.

We landed in Cancun, and were greeted by a masked driver that drove only our family to the hotel.

We were greeted by masked staff members and cocktails. Our shoes and our bags were sprayed with a sanitizer.

It really felt as if providing a safe and clean environment for all guests was a top priority.

I don’t know about you but, my family safety is my number one priority while traveling and knowing that we are staying in a resort where the level of cleanliness is at its utmost is important.

Masks were required for all indoor activities.

Also, most luxury resorts will offer a complimentary PCR test.

Kids Activities :

My children are just made of pure energy, so keeping them active during a vacation is my road to an early good night's sleep.

It seems that keeping kids busy is also something a luxury resort will make sure happens for your family.

There is usually always a kids club at these luxury resorts, scheduled kids activities, Arcades games, Face painting, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, Kids shows, Kids dance parties, sometimes even a waterpark (I highly recommend the one at the Grand moon palace ) and….babysitting service !!! Whaaaaatttt….ohhhh yes but more on that a little later.

We also took a family day excursion for an extra charge, where we went snorkeling, zip lining and swimming in a cenote. We appreciated that the excursions were limited to 10 people. You can opt for a private excursion as well.

Food Options:

As a parent, one of the ultimate daily question is: What are we having for lunch? Dinner? Breakfast? snacks?

Not here! There will always be options for food. They will usually have a buffet where each member of your family can choose their own menu.

At the Grand Moon Palace, we got to choose between a variety of fine dining, from asian to Lebanese, Italian, Peruvian, Mexican and French cuisine.

A 24h room service, which came in very handy when we arrived at the resort at 10pm.

Our room was filled with snacks that were refilled daily as well as water bottles, and get this, Liquor dispenser with top shelf brands.

Mommy and Daddy time:

Now let’s go back to that babysitting Service shall we?

Yes Mommy and Daddy alone time is also one of the advantages of staying at a luxury resort.

Depending on your children’s age, you can leave them at the kids club for the day or the option of a babysitter.

That means you can enjoy a couples spa day, silent time lounging by the pool, maybe a night time magic show, or maybe a date night?

The resort had their own App where we could view/reserve shows in advance. They were different shows, dinner shows, night clubs and even night foam pool parties, or taking a nap ( my personal favorite).


When we talk about Luxury travel, you might think that pricing must be exorbitant. But when you calculate what it would cost you to:

  • Stay at a luxury safe hotel

  • Transportation to and from the airport.

  • Feed our family breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and buy snacks

  • Transportation to and from all activities daily

  • All activities fees (not counting the time it would take you to research all activities )

  • Researching the place to get your PCR test

You might be quite close to the price of an all inclusive resort.

Hope our experience will give you a different opinion of how traveling to Mexico to a Luxury all inclusive resort could be. And to be honest, nothing beats the peace of mind of having everything at the location and not having to pack for day trips.

Family traveling can be relaxing and stress free. As it should be.


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