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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Kids

Loving Our planet is something every parent should show their children.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our lifestyle.

You're probably reading this blog because you are trying to find options of brands or ways to dress your children in a more sustainable way.

Jackalo in Versailles

There is no hiding, I am not perfect at this at all, I love fashion, I worked in the fashion industry for 15 years in the manufacturing side so I know first hand how detrimental fashion can be to our planet. So when I became a mom I was literally bombarded by all the adorable baby outfits ( cue the awwwww for cuteness )

I gotta say it was very tempting. And sometimes I fell to the temptations.

Exhibit one below

Kids grow soooo fast and unless their clothes are being passed on, we all know where it ends up.

Little things count.

So here are some of our favorite sustainable brands and ways we can do our part for our planet.

Favorite Kids Fashion Brands

Bash + Sass is a gender neutral brand created by by Founder/Creative Director, Irene Lee

The brand’s simple and creative approach to design fosters imagination and individuality while also prioritizing sustainable and local manufacturing. The brand proudly produces garments and sources fabrics in CA to support other local small businesses.

Another of our favorite brand.

When you have active kids like mine, durability is key. Jackalo was founded by mother, maker and long-time environmentalist Marianna Sachse who believes in in buying less, buying better, and making it last.

They focus on durable design and on materials that strike the balance between being strong and comfortable.

For my color lovers like me, Hugo Loves Tiki is the perfect blend of fun and sustainability.

It’s bright , loud and fun.

I also love

Mini Rodini


Mini Boden

Favorite Gently used Companies

Kidizen is a marketplace where you can sell and buy clothes. The APP is amazing. You can have a storefront where you can sell your clothes and use your earn money to buy from other moms.

It is definitely a little community of moms that connect with other moms through shared experiences and a shared sense of style.

I have had my storefront for years now and have enjoyed the ease of use of Kidizen

And finally, Swap Society, created by Nicole Robertson, a mommy of 2.

Love swapping. It is so simple. And you can shop for mama too at the same time

Swap Society is an online clothing swap that makes it easy and affordable to mix up your wardrobe sustainably. Send us the clothes that don't fit or aren't your current style and swap them for clothes you want to wear now.

The alt currency SwapCoin™ gives multidimensional value to garments and makes sure you get equal value for the clothes you swap, so our swap is super fair. Plus, you'll save lots of money on clothes while lowering your clothing footprint.


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