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5 kids friendly things to do in Seattle

The Pacific northwest has always been a place that I wanted to visit with my family.

I spent some time in Seattle and its surroundings about 15 years ago.

But coming back as a mom and a wife have been so fun !

So if you are ever wondering the pacific northwest and roam around the Seattle area Here are my top 5 things to do with kids and/ or as a family


There are plenty of lakes surrounding the Seattle area. We were fortunate enough to have very good friends of ours that open their Lake House to us in Summit Lake near Olympia and were truly amazing gracious hosts (shout out to my dance partner Chris and Mom and Dad H)

So find yourself a lake and do some Watersport of any kind !

We did some water skiing, Tubing ( I lost my voice on this one ) ,

  1. HIKES

I know this is not for everyone, but nature is one of my favorite babysitter. There is always something new for them to see. There is no over stimulation, time slows down around a hike …I mean slooooowwwws down. Kids will stop A LOT. Have a small hike.

We decided to go blackberry picking around the lake and made it a hike with a reward ! Blackberry Jam. There are definitely plenty of hikes around.

Here are a few recommended one here

One of our favorite Children’s Museum. It is so interactive and kinda whimsical at the same time. The museum has 28,000 square feet of indoor space and half an acre of outdoor play space complete with a beach, garden and lighthouse lookout.

Its eight themed galleries create a sense of wonder and delight children who learn about science, technology, engineering, art and math through 150+ hands-on exhibits.

Our son has been obsessed with Airplane for at least 3 years. So we are always on the lookout for anything related to aviation.

The flight Museum in Seattle did not disappoint !

The Museum of Flight is full of an incredible collection of aircraft, spacecraft, artifacts, galleries, exhibits.

Kids can access aircraft cockpits and cabins. Hang out in a retired Air force one and experience VR simulators

  1. Volcanoes

There are several volcanoes near Seattle, the most famous one is Mount Rainier which is still considered an active volcano which has its national park.

Mount Rainier National Park is about 368 square miles. The park has over 260 miles of maintained trails and 147 miles of roads. Many roads and facilities in the park are only open seasonally.

We opted to check out Mount St helens which you go through the “bigfoot” sighting area to get there which was quite interesting.. The day we visited, the top of the volcano was surrounded by clouds so we didn’t get the full experience but there is a lot of hiking around the area. And worth the visit.

One place I recommend to stop for food is the Fire Mountain Grill. Amazing food, gorgeous views, and they have a decadent cobbler dessert.

The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer, from mountains, lakes, forests, Vineyards and beaches. Definitely a place where there is always something to discover.

It is so family friendly. Definitely high on our places to visit on the west coast off the US of A.


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