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Instagram influencer

I am Myriam, originally from Madagascar, I was born and raised in France

Music and dance keeps my soul happy. I love tech ...yep definitely a geek at heart.

Photography is my way of capturing moments that bring me joy. I picked up a camera after my son was born and BAM !! I was hooked.

I love Fashion but Love the planet a bit more, so I have a new found love for sustainable fashion.

Selfcare is part of the journey of being a fulfilled mother.  Momcation is a big part of my motherhood.

Darryl, my husband is the spark of the family.

He is the spontaneous adventurer.

A rock climber for the past 20 years, the sierras and Joshua tree is where he feels the most at home but The Ocean has been calling him as well so surfing has been one of his other passion.


He is the epitome of what an amazing fun dad is!

Always up before the kids planning the next adventure.

Some days I truly think he must have an extra battery somewhere, maybe the British blood? 

The mixed race family
the blended family

Maya is our 10 year old daughter, The light of the family.

Motherhood was not my plan until I meet this little girl. It was Christmas day. She smiled and it was love at first sight, like we always knew each other.

She is kind, funny, spunky and sassy. Love bright colors. My first born through my heart. 


I could not ask for a better sister for Kailo.

Kailo is our 5 year old little boy. The Joy of the Family. 

He is energetic (part of daddy battery), funny and affectionate.

He loooooves Airplanes. His favorite part of traveling is going to the airport. 

He loves to dance, swim, scoot and skate around. 


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