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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This is one of the most stunning playgrounds for kids in Paris!

I remember visiting Versailles as a child in junior high but seeing it as an adult just blew me away. And As a mom of an energetic 3 year old, this was awesome !!

Keep in mind, Versailles is not in Paris, you will have to travel about 35 mins East of Paris to get there.

Admission is FREE for kids under 18 year of age ! Whaaaaaa ….yes !!!

If you buy your ticket online it is a lot faster to get in! Lines can be long.

Also you can not bring your Stroller in but there is a free stroller holding area for your convenience.

If you are not going to visit the inside of the castle, the park and the gardens access is free for everyone except on days of fountains shows.

I would recommend letting them loose in the Gardens and leave the inside for adults if you are traveling with a toddler like we were!

So much grounds to cover that you probably won’t do it all in one day. There are Fountains shows and plenty of activities for children during the holidays.

You can bring a picnic but there are really good restaurants inside the gardens.

Our Favorite was La Flotille. A brasserie Restaurant with 1900’s decor. Kids can enjoy direct access to the park before enjoying their delicious food.

Versailles gets The Banksies Thumb up for running toddlers and Energy Sucking spot for Families with young kids!


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