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For parents who are traveling with kids, finding cool places for them to let out the energy is a top priority!

The first thing I do, before I even get to a location, is look up the parks and playgrounds!

My little ball of pure energy needs a lot of ‘let’s get it all out so Mama doesn’t loose her mind by 2pm,’ arenas.

So far, Paris has been my favorite city (when it comes to discovering incredible playgrounds). With stunning views everywhere we go, I imagine each architect had an overly-involved Mama in tow—A #mamarazzi who oversaw the placement and design of each and every park.

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Paris Playgrounds that are an absolute must see! Places to let the kids go wild, while the adults get to take in some breathtaking views.

1- Les Halles - Chatelet

Right in the Center of Paris ! Easy to access with public transportation. Shaded areas all around for the hot summer days.

2- Jardins d’acclimatation

This playground is inside a beautiful kids amusement park with rides, play areas, horseback riding, workshops & events. There is a small entrance fee and you purchase tickets for each ride. You can bring your own food or have lunch at one of the two beautiful cafes.

3- Eiffel Tower Playground

Well...the picture says it all :). Please note: It is a small playground.

4- Jardins de Luxembourg

The 25-hectare park is a prized family attraction. Pony rides, ice-cream stands, puppet shows, pedal karts, sandpits, metal swingboats and a merry-go-round. The playground has an entrance fee.

5- Jardins George Brassens

A little harder to get to, but worth the detour. Beautiful park with a large pond surrounded by large grassy areas with centennial trees. The park also has a carrousel, three different playgrounds depending on your child’s age, a rose garden, and a garden of medicinal and aromatic plants.

There are so many more to see, but these are definitely my top favorite parks to visit in Paris when traveling with children.



You find so many beautiful places. I hope to visit Paris some day.

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