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Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Lone pine has one of our favorite campgrounds

The views are just breathtaking. It is never crowded, a river passes through the campground which is so soothing, and can i mention natural white noise for babies!

Views from Lone Pine Campgrounds

Quick tip: The East Side of the campground has grown trees which are great for that morning sun that hits the tent and makes you feel like you just went from cold to why am i sweating in my sleeping bag ..sigh….

You can hang around the campground all day or drive a few miles down to Alabama Hills. Great Hikes and easy beginner Rock Climbing.

Kids can run around and still be safe and in plain sight.

This trip was Kailo 5th camping trip to Lone Pine. He particularly enjoyed this time a bit more as he discovered the head lamp at night ! Wow !!! A new way to stay up late and run after lizards.

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