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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Joshua Tree might as well be our second home.

Mr Mountain Man Favorite place to be. Camping, hiking and rock climbing has Darryl feeling like he is in heaven! ( insert music here with views of lights coming through the clouds )

I have grown to love this magical place, not only from its beauty of Joshua but also, there is really something magical about Joshua tree.

We usually have about 4 trips a year to Joshua Tree. The kids loves it ! They run freely..Climb on rocks, get to stay up late around the fireplace and best of all ..S’mores !!!!

Camping has become a bit tricking as the park has become more and more popular. We sometimes have to book a year in advance to be able to camp in the park. And when dates opens up, it sells out within 10 minutes.

Another option is Airbnb. There are amazing Airbnb’s in Joshua tree that will give you the full desert life experience.

We tried it for the first time this year and I have to say, that shower at the end of the day felt pretty good. And don’t get me started on having a kitchen to cook for the kids on the morning.

That being said, Waking up to the Joshua tree desert views is breathtaking, so even though Mama loves airbnb in the desert, camping will always be my number one choice in Joshua Tree.


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